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I wish I was at home listening to Death Grips


Above is how I will look this Christmas. Below is how I wish to look. Merry whatever… Continue reading

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Here’s something I did for a first time ever. I was asked to do posters in the past but I didn’t feel confident enough to attempt doing one. So making this New Year’s Eve Party poster for the place I work at was a quite challenge for me. Yet I feel the result is good enough to be presented and for a first poster I’ve made it looks really satisfying. You can check the characters in raw version below. Continue reading

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November Gloom


It’s going slow but it’s going forward. New drawing is a cover photo for my private FB profile. If you like it feel free to use it. Spooky Halloween and not so gloomy November!

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You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

tattoo-bear-for-morey tattoo-nicole

I usually have a big problem with taking request for drawings. Those two took a me a year to get my act together and actually finish them. Plus that’s just the halfway of the work and I don’t know how the final outcome will look. However that’s not in my hands any more, but rather in hands of whoever will do the tattoos. But I’ve enjoyed doing those two, so next in line are ideas for tattoos I hope to get myself. Stay tuned, I will try to post photos of the cat and bear if tattoos will be made.

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Witchcraft is a lifestyle

black cats gothic

Happy Halloween everyone!!! Here’s some music background.

(click image to enlarge)

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But You Catch Yourself Trying…

comic illustrator

I was thinking quite intense what drawing should I use for the first post on this new blog (the old one has vanquished while I was struggling with another attack of despair). After considering few alternatives I came upon one of my old works reposted on Matilda Aurora’s soup.io, and then it was like “yeah, that’s the one”. None other express so accurately the whole process and it’s dark side. I only wish I had money for alcohol every time I have crisis of creativity… Continue reading

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