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Music to bleed out completely


A teaser of new comic stripe. (yes, they are returning!)

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Due to my low activity on this blog you don’t need to scroll down too much to find last year’s movember illustration. This year I’ve decided to make another one. Hope you will like it!

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SWAG Bright Like Diamonds

fox swag 2

Bling bling!

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Like A Boss

like a boss 1

Here’s a new drawing that took me ridiculous amount of time. Mostly due to the fact I’ve decide to do it all by myself, instead of using fonts from Photoshop. I still need to change a few things, but this version will give you the idea. I hope to make a mug with this drawing on it. But to see how it will end up, you have to wait a bit longer…

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Happy New Year!



I’ve almost forgotten that there is a new year coming and I didn’t prepare an occasional drawing, so this one from last year will have to do. Happy new year to all of you. Thank you for all the support and attention.

(click image to enlarge)

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Movember Gdynia


Because my city is very keen this year on promoting Movember, and many local illustrators make their Movember drawings I joined this movement with an occasional drawing as well. It took some time for Indie Bear to grow a moustache but here it is! With his special anchor t-shirt and without a cigarette(!), as Movember is all about health, Indie Bear is ready to support Movember in Gdynia.

(click image to enlarge)

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Witchcraft is a lifestyle

black cats gothic

Happy Halloween everyone!!! Here’s some music background.

(click image to enlarge)

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michał bearrrrr 001

Just deal with it…

(click image to enlarge)

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