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I Break Mirrors With My Face in The United States


It took more than it should and I’m not satisfied with few elements of this comic, still I hope you find it funny in some way. I also plan to start a new series of Indie Bear comic strips. I just hope that the next one won’t take another month to create.

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True Love


This year is the first time in my whole life I don’t spend Valentine’s Day single. So I won’t post some melancholic stuff about getting drunk in a bar. But the fact that I have a pair on Valentine’s Day makes me hate this day even more, as it’s such an artificial celebration. Like you really need a special day for that? Then your relationship is already half-dead and you can start looking for someone else. And if you are single everyone will try to make you feel inferior. If you ask me this day generates more bad emotions than positive ones, making it really pointless. So go get drunk!

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Like A Boss

like a boss 1

Here’s a new drawing that took me ridiculous amount of time. Mostly due to the fact I’ve decide to do it all by myself, instead of using fonts from Photoshop. I still need to change a few things, but this version will give you the idea. I hope to make a mug with this drawing on it. But to see how it will end up, you have to wait a bit longer…

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Happy New Year!



I’ve almost forgotten that there is a new year coming and I didn’t prepare an occasional drawing, so this one from last year will have to do. Happy new year to all of you. Thank you for all the support and attention.

(click image to enlarge)

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Merry Satan!

Merry Satan

Thank you all for supporting Ponurasky on facebook (once again big thanks for over 100 likes), as well as on wordpress itself and tumblr. I know I didn’t draw too much for last few months but I hope to change that soon as I have head full of ideas stored there for years. I hope your Christmas will be a wonderful time, which you will spend with ones you like and care about, not the ones you are forced to be with. And that gifts will make you happy.

(click image to enlarge)

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Movember Gdynia


Because my city is very keen this year on promoting Movember, and many local illustrators make their Movember drawings I joined this movement with an occasional drawing as well. It took some time for Indie Bear to grow a moustache but here it is! With his special anchor t-shirt and without a cigarette(!), as Movember is all about health, Indie Bear is ready to support Movember in Gdynia.

(click image to enlarge)

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Not Gone With The Autumn Wind…

no gone with the autumn wind..

Autumn is coming…

(click image to enlarge)

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Bears Gonna Bear

bears gonna bear

The last day of vacations…
However I think my creative crisis is lifting slowly.

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Coffee Talk


You may look at this one and think “what the hell???”. Well, this image is the first drawing of Indie Bear and Madeline The Witch made back in 2007.

I’m posting this one because I want to give you, and myself as well, a good comparison of the progress I’ve made since then. Especially that the new drawing is similar to the old one in many ways.

coffe talk

Coffe Talk, as well as Nordic Cycling, was submitted for Papergirl project at this year’s Steerwaves Festival in Gdańsk. I hope to see those drawings during exhibition, which will take place June 1st. Now I’m off working on another drawing for a different Streetwaves’ event. Stay tuned…

(click images to enlarage)

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