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November Gloom


It’s going slow but it’s going forward. New drawing is a cover photo for my private FB profile. If you like it feel free to use it. Spooky Halloween and not so gloomy November!

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Merry Satan!

Merry Satan

Thank you all for supporting Ponurasky on facebook (once again big thanks for over 100 likes), as well as on wordpress itself and tumblr. I know I didn’t draw too much for last few months but I hope to change that soon as I have head full of ideas stored there for years. I hope your Christmas will be a wonderful time, which you will spend with ones you like and care about, not the ones you are forced to be with. And that gifts will make you happy.

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Witchcraft is a lifestyle

black cats gothic

Happy Halloween everyone!!! Here’s some music background.

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Coffee Talk


You may look at this one and think “what the hell???”. Well, this image is the first drawing of Indie Bear and Madeline The Witch made back in 2007.

I’m posting this one because I want to give you, and myself as well, a good comparison of the progress I’ve made since then. Especially that the new drawing is similar to the old one in many ways.

coffe talk

Coffe Talk, as well as Nordic Cycling, was submitted for Papergirl project at this year’s Steerwaves Festival in Gdańsk. I hope to see those drawings during exhibition, which will take place June 1st. Now I’m off working on another drawing for a different Streetwaves’ event. Stay tuned…

(click images to enlarage)

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