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Here’s something I did for a first time ever. I was asked to do posters in the past but I didn’t feel confident enough to attempt doing one. So making this New Year’s Eve Party poster for the place I work at was a quite challenge for me. Yet I feel the result is good enough to be presented and for a first poster I’ve made it looks really satisfying. You can check the characters in raw version below. Continue reading

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Indie Bear Life’s Drama


Today I present you old, yet slightly reworked, collection of memes I’ve made in the past to keep people’s attention on FB, while I was working on other things. Now I plan to use them as promotional stickers as you can see from the photo. Continue reading

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Midnight In A Perfect World

Midnight In A Perfect World

Week has past since DJ Shadow’s All Bases Covered DJ Set at Sfinks700. I had lot of fun. Some people had far less. But that’s not the case I want to write here about.
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